A platform raising awareness about mental health, encompassing culture, race, religion fused with a professional perspective.


I'm finding that more and more people are asking me for advice on how to help their friends who are depressed or expressing suicidal thoughts (referred to as 'suicidal ideation'). We all have one friend, or know of someone who appears to be suffering from depression/su...

So, let's talk about stress. I think a lot of people (particularly people of colour), do not consider stress as a part of their mental health. For some, stress is a completely separate entity from mental health and is something considered as normal. I guess this is wha...

Okay so this is not the kind of post I would normally do. Quite personal. BUT, the way I started this blog was so random, I think it might help to explain a bit about me and why I started speaking about mental health. Especially with me being featured on the BBCthree s...

RIP to those who have died this year and in previous years as a result of knife crime. I think it is important to humanise these individuals. Whilst we are all trying to find solutions for knife crime let's not forget the victims and their families, who have suffered a...

WARNING! This blog is going to be a little different to the other ones I usually post: I am going to be a litttttleeee opinionated in this post so bare with me. I guess I want you all to get to know me a little bit. So here it goes...

With the release of Black Pant...

Lafiya Health is a blog dedicated to providing people of colour with more information about their health. Topics range from physical to mental health and this platform effectively debunks many common myths surrounding health in the black community. I had the pleasure o...

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May 10, 2018

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